In order to create a happy and fair experience for all of our valued clients, and as a courtesy to our staff we have a cancellation policy in place.

To avoid the cancellation fee of $15, it is each clients responsibility to cancel online on Mindbody at least 6 hours in advance should you need to cancel or reschedule your class/session. No shows and classes cancelled less than 6 hours in advance will be subject to the $15 fee which is automatically charged by our booking software Mindbody.

This same policy applies to our early morning sessions. At least 6 hrs must be given however please be mindful to cancel the night before prior to 8pm so that someone on the waitlist may be added to the class instead, keep in mind that someone may be on the waitlist for this early class. Please don't late cancel right before an early morning class when it is really difficult to then give enough notice to someone on the waitlist. Please read below for more details. 

How does the Class Waitlist work?

If a class is full and you would like to be added to the wait list, click on Sign Up and a new window will pop up asking if you want to be added to the wait list. Click "ok" if you do. You can see your wait list schedule on your schedule tab, by clicking on the wait list link on the top right of your schedule page (if you have at least 1 waitlist). You can also cancel your waitlist class from this screen. 

The waitlist is an automatic process where if someone cancels within 6 hours to the start of class, and you are on the waitlist, you will be automatically pushed into the class. Since we allow clients to book well in advance, the likelihood of someone cancelling is very high, and if you are on waitlist, assume you are getting in. That means planning ahead and making sure you are ready to attend.

Be mindful, if you add to an early 6:15am or 7:30am waitlist, someone could cancel at 11pm or even 1am for 7:30am classes, and since for that client it is an early cancel (more than 6 hours before the class) this will trigger the waitlist to automatically move you in. You will now be expected to show. We recommend that clients on an early morning waitlist set their alarms as if they have a confirmed spot, log into the system in the morning, and check if they got in. If you did get in, head into the studio for your shake, sweat and burn. If you didn’t, go back to bed or get an early start on the day.

An email is generated automatically when the waitlist is triggered and someone is automatically moved in. Email servers though are out of our control, and if for some reason your waitlist confirmation email is delayed or spammed you are still required to check the booking system to confirm. The email is just a courtesy, and the safest way to check if you were added is through the booking system. Please be mindful when setting your profile preferences because if you have opted out of notifications, you will NOT receive these waitlist confirmation emails.

If someone late cancels (cancels less than 6 hours before the start of the class), the waitlist will not automatically move you in. If we see you on the waitlist, we will try to text to see if you are still keen. You are more than welcome to log in and manually book that class yourself. An example of this would be: you are on the waitlist for 6:15am, someone late cancels at 5:00am. You wake up and log into your account to see if you were added from the waitlist and see that you were not since it was a late cancel and can then manually book the class.

By signing up for the waitlist you agree to the following terms: 

1) It is your responsibility to check to see if you made it into the class by logging into your account less than 6 hours before the start of the class. Your schedule will read “waitlist confirmed” if you were moved in.

2) If you no show or late cancel that waitlist confirmed spot, you will be processed the same way as if this was a regularly booked spot.

3) If you no longer wish to possibly attend the class, you need to remove yourself from the waitlist, prior to 6 hours, to ensure you will not be moved in automatically. There are many times several people are on a waitlist, so please be mindful that someone else might want that spot.

4) Do not add yourself to waitlist if you are already confirmed for your spots for the week and/or the same day. The system will NOT move you from a waitlist if you have already secured a spot in another class that same day.

We thank you for your understanding and co operation.